Humble Pie

Have you ever found yourself needing to make amends with a friend? If you’ve been breathing long, no doubt you have. Such was the case for me recently. A part of that process was the design and printing of a greeting card. The cover of it is the image above (although in truth, this one is edited for a softer background than the original).

It was designed in Photoshop. The background was the render : clouds filter using the two colors that you see. It was then cropped for effect. The type was set in various faces (really, it was 😉 ) and blended as a screen with transparency, each phrase on its own layer for ultimate control. It was then arranged until it felt right in my gut (designers know that feeling). The tag was then worked on until it had the right balance and punch against the background. But the best part was, that my friend really liked it and that I’d done it especially for her.

I’ve since re-purposed it as my wallpaper on my iPhone. Feel free to use it for yours.

Design ©2008 Johnny W. Brewer


~ by Johnny on September 19, 2008.

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